Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kyle MacDonald trades up again

Remember the One Red Paper Clip Book I reviewed last year? Well I just spotted an article that says Kyle MacDonald is trading up again. The house in Kipling, Saskatchewan is too far away from Montreal, where his wife Dominique has accepted a new job, so they want to trade the house up for something new, in Montreal.

Just two years ago, Kyle MacDonald managed to barter a red paper clip into a two-storey home in a rural Saskatchewan town.

Now, the master trader is itching to move on, although he admits he has no idea what he can fetch for the three-bedroom, two-bathroom, fully furnished home on Main Street in Kipling, Sask. The web-savvy former Montrealer says it is a tough decision to move, but the right one for himself and his wife.

"I realized I didn't just want to stay somewhere, I wanted to keep moving and keep trading," MacDonald, 28, told The Canadian Press in an interview in Montreal on Tuesday.

"I'm going to put it out there for the world and see what happens. It worked really well last time so hopefully it will work well this time."

Kyle has posted this announcement on his blog.

We're trading the house.

That's right, Dom and I are trading the red paperclip house. With who? For what? Well that's where things get interesting:

We have no idea yet.

I'll be accepting trade offers from now up until 5pm on Friday July 11th and will be in Kipling the week of July 14 to make the trade....maybe with you! I'm not looking for anything in particular in exchange for the house, but I'd really like to trade the house with somebody who plans to live in or operate a business from the house and understands that the house is a tourist attraction in Kipling, and important to the community.

And he has also posted pictures of the house on flickr.

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