Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Update Number 2

Thank you to everyone who has sent their condolences, thoughts and prayers.
We do appreciate them.

Hubby is now back home, but arrangements for his mom's funeral will continue. She is to be cremated and then later her ashes will be buried alongside her husband (My FIL who died in 2003) back in the old home town in Northern Ontario.

Am glad Hubby is home. It has been very tiring, the last 2 days, getting up and take 5 year-old to daycare, trying to stick to the routine. So Hubby's taking over the routine again. I hope I can stop being so tired eventually.

Son seems to be taking this all quite calmly.
Where is Daddy? he asked the other night.
Daddy's gone to the hospital, His mommy is very very ill.
Is she going to get cut up like you mommy?
No, its too late for that.
Is Daddy going to get cut up like you?
No, Daddy's not going to be operated on. He's fine. He will be home in a few days.

As long as Daddy's not ill and does not need any operations, then the world is ok - according to the son of this house. Since he didnt see his grandmother very often (usually summer, thanksgiving & Xmas) she was just someone who he saw every now and then. But it always meant a visit to Uncle Mike's. He loves going to his Uncle Mikes home. As has been mentioned before, there are older cousins, and cool video games.

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Carrie K said...

I'm sorry for your loss. At least your husband was there.

Your son is too funny. Kids. They say the darndest things.