Monday, August 13, 2007

Index Librorum Liberorum Challenge

There are 2 new challenges I want to join.
One is Index Librorum Liberorum - which is the Vatican List of Prohibited Books.

Participants are encouraged to select books or the oeuvre of authors to read, mull over and share with like-minded individuals at this site. The Beacon for Freedom of Expression has a database that allows sorting by country.

This index is notable because of the many illustrious fiction writers, poets and philosophers that have been honoured with a place on the list.

The Wikipedia also has an excellent list of notable authors who were placed on the list at one time or another. (Scroll Down the Page)

The rules for this is you have to read a MINIMUM of 3 books from 3 different countries from any author whos name was put on this list. The challenge starts on September 1st 2007 and ends on August 31st 2008.

Because of the incomplete nature of the list (see Beacon link above) readers are allowed to choose any works by the authors on the list rather than being limited to specific works. You may sign up to the challenge at any time and choose as many or as few books as you like: the only requirement is that at least three countries are represented.

The other Challenge that is in the planning stages is The Autobiographical & Memoir Challenge by Vassily. No details yet, but this is one Challenge I would have liked to host - if I had only thought of it sooner.

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