Saturday, August 11, 2007

Are men really superior to women?

Spent an hour at the library last week, and grabbed a copy of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaiden's Tale. Which I have chosen to read for the New Notions Challenge. Since I have never read any of her books, I've chosen this novel because I like futuristic novels, and I cannot imagine any world where women are not allowed to read.

I seldom like stories where men act superior to women. But this book I will continue because 1 - I've already started it, 2 - it is interesting in its own way, 3 - I need to complete this challenge.

When are we going to ever stop teaching our kids that men are superior to women. In some areas, yes they are, but certainly not in all areas.

You know, one could consider this novel the women's version of 1984 (by George Orwell).


sally906 said...

IMHO this book is one of her best - I have read a few of hers since this one - and none of them touched me the way this one did.

I was reduced to tears, I was angry I had so many emotions streaming through me that it is hard to explain. I found it difficult to pick up another book for a few days after - as it was a hard act to follow.

Carrie K said...

I couldn't finish it. I think I read a chapter or two when it came out. Just way too creepy/close/terrifying.

I wonder if it wasn't meant to be a distaff 1984 novel.