Tuesday, August 7, 2007

MIL taken another turn for the worse.

The Babysitting arrangements for Sunday fell though - again. Same as last weekend while I was in hospital. So I have just spent all of Sunday and most of Monday babysitting my son. Something I should NOT have to be doing, if the babysitting service was doing their jobs properly.

Well, we got the second phone call on Saturday, but we are still in Toronto. Apparently my MIL was kicked out of Hospital after having a second stroke, Saturday. The Doctor said later, that that should never have happened. Since noone really knows whats going on - the phone calls go between my home in Toronto, my brother-in-law in Niagara Falls, and the remaining brothers of the family (one in Scarborough and the other in Calgary). Noone is giving out any accurate info. We finally called the hospital at 9pm Monday to see exactly how MIL was doing. They said, she should hang on until morning. But she is definitely not doing well.

Hubby said blow the arrangements (there was some idea that BIL would pick Hubby up and take him down to the Falls) but that fell through because Hubby doesn't like driving at night. And he does not like driving on roads that he is not familiar with. And Niagara Falls is a totally new area. So Hubby will buy his own Bus ticket to get there. Tickets are cheap and trips are plentiful.
Thanks goodness for GREYHOUND.

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BookGal said...

Having parents far away with health issues is quite difficult. Hang in there.