Saturday, July 21, 2007

This is my Library

Kimbooktu is asking for pictures of bibliophiles libraries. So I took a few pics today and here they are.

This is my TBR pile that sits on top of boxes of other books right next to my bed. Of course there are some books in this pile that have already been read & reviewed. They have not yet been moved to the cupboard - mainly because there is no room.

And out in the hallway is my tall cupboard that is jam-packed full of books. This is the top shelf of the cupboard. More from the TBR pile - mostly hardcover books.

And this is the second shelf of the cupboard - still more books on the TBR pile.

This is the third shelf of good books I have read and wish to keep. The bottom shelf is filled with the same.

There are also dozens of boxes filled with books scattered around the apartment. These books I would like to sell, but dont have time or energy to sit outdoors at a table or photograph each and every book and upload them to ebay. There are hundreds of books.

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