Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm back and I am doing OK

I survived the surgery. I have just this minute walked in the door, and I have to tell my readers. Hubby cannot understand the urge I need to post. but you all do, right? I've been cut off from all civilisation. Hubby says something about 2 media choppers crashing over Los Angeles and how the police want to charge the small time criminal with manslaughter. This is what happens when TV media take a police chase to extremes. Anything to get good rating I seriously doubt this charge will stick.


Police identified the suspect as Christopher J. Jones, 23, and said he was booked into jail late Friday night on two counts of vehicle theft, four counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and one count of resisting arrest with other charges expected to be filed later.

Earlier on Friday, Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris suggested the suspect could "be held responsible for any of the deaths from this tragedy."

The media will do ANYTHING to remove your attention away from IRAQ.

I am very glad to be home

And as I was putting my 5 year old son to bed tonight, he pointed to the Staples on my head and asked me what did they do?
They opened me up and took out the bad thing.
The things that makes you forget?
Yes, thats right (hopefully my memory will improve)
Did they take out the memory chip, Mommy? he was totally serious
No son, it was not a memory chip. We do not have memory chips in our bodies.
Are you sure, he looked at me seriously and asked again.
Yes, I am very sure.


Wendy said...

Welcome back, Historia!!!! I totally understand your need to post :) Glad you are home and hope you begin feeling better very, very soon. We've missed you over at A Novel Challenge too :)

Sam Houston said...

Welcome home. It's really great to see you back at the keyboard so soon, amazing really.

We missed you. :-)

Literary Feline said...

Welcome home, Historia! Thank you for having your husband give us an update. We were all thinking of you. I understand wanting to get back to the blog. LOL I'm glad you decided to say hi. :-)

Melanie said...

Thanks for saying Hi. Good to see you're home again.
Your son is hilarious!

patricia said...

Welcome back! So glad that you are doing well. And I love your son's comment!

I think I would go a little crazy if I didn't have access to my blog or newspapers for an extended period of time.