Saturday, July 7, 2007

Book News this weekend

I was surfing the Book world and found a few interesting items.

Harper Collins Canada is publishing a book by Jenna Bush (yes the daughter of the fellow currently occupying the White House). I put my vote in at FirstLook to review this book, but will have to wait and see if I am one of the lucky ones. The Book is called Ana's Story.
And Kristin Gore (daughter of Al Gore) has also written a new book. Gore, who has written for television shows such as Futurama and Saturday Night Live, has produced her second comic chick-lit novel, Sammy’s House (a sequel to her first, Sammy’s Hill). Source - Quill & Quire Blog

July 6, 2007: A school librarian in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, has removed children’s author Nikki Tate’s novel Trouble on Tarragon Island from shelves because it contains a scene of bullying, which the school does not permit, and because the bullying includes words that may be offensive to women. Quill & Quire

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Julie said...

These books sound interesting. Thanks for posting the titles. I will look for them