Friday, March 30, 2012

Toronto Public Library Strike is OVER

The Toronto Public Library has been on strike for almost 2 weeks.

The Library union finally came to an agreement with the Library board (which is the City council committee that runs the library) yesterday and the agreement was ratified by library staff last night.

As of today (Friday March 30) all libraries will be OPEN.

You can bet I will be at my local branch with bells on, to find some books to read!!

ETA (Edited to Add)

I have just got back from the library - and have finally picked up some new books to read.

But the things I was told about the strike, the union and the Library Board are shocking!!!

1 - The biggest thing that is upsetting the employees is how the Library Union has screwed all the employees.

The Union decreed that they would only pay out strike money to those employees who were out there picketing for 10 full business days. The strike ended after just 9 business days so NOONE will be paid any strike money at all!!!

2 - the Agreement that was ratified says that employees with 11 years seniority or more will get job security - anyone with 10 years or less can still be fired. Whether that is without cause or at will, I don't know.  

I think a fairer agreement should have been to give job security to those who have showed their loyalty and worked there for a minimum of 5 or 6 years.

I was also told that the feeling is that the union rammed this agreement through - and basically told the members that this was the "best" they could do, and if they didnt ratify it, then the city council (Mayor Rob Ford) would just fire everyone and privatise the entire library system. 

So they went on strike for nothing? They picketed for nothing?

They went on strike to get more job security. Only those who have worked for 11 years or more got that security. Everyone else is screwed. 

If the library is privatised, then in order for the new owners to make a profit, they would NOT purchase any or many new books, and all books, magazines, videos. DVDs and music CDs  would now cost money to be borrowed. I would not be surprised if they also charged people (and kids) to use the computers as well.

I can remember back in New Zealand a long time ago when certain books (probably the high demand books) were loaned out for 10 or 20 cents, and I just never bothered to borrow those books. That busines of charging money disppeared fairly quickly....

If the public then chose to not use the new private library then they would go out of business very quickly and there would be NO library at all.

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Marg said...

Glad that they have gone back to work, but it does on the surface appear to be a unsatisfactory agreement.