Friday, April 20, 2012

April is most definitely Flu season the Northern Hemisphere anyway.

 This month of April 2012 has been most wretched for me.

In the days before Easter (from April 6-9) I developed a sore throat and lost my voice. Over Easter I was coughing badly - mostly trying to cough up Phlegm - that's the thick yellow stuff. I know its disgusting to mention or think about, but its a fact of life when you have a cold. My sinuses stayed clear, I could breathe quite easily and I felt pretty good for most of the time - other than the sore throat and having a hoarse voice.

I have Skype chats with my family back in New Zealand on Fridays and 2 weeks ago today I couldn't talk very long because I felt so bad, my voice was hoarse and my throat was sore.

 The week after Easter the cough slowly disappeared and I was definitely getting better. Last weeks chat to my family on skype was much better - my voice was back definitely to normal.

 BUT - blow me down if this week I did not develop ANOTHER sore throat. Now I have different symptoms. So right now (as I type this) I am sneezing a lot - like every 5 minutes - and my nose is constantly running. So it is very sore because I have to keep blowing and wiping it.

I think this is the first time I have ever caught 2 different strains of the cold in the same month - let alone in the same year!!   Today's chat to my family was just like the one from 2 weeks ago. I couldn't stop coughing or yawning (because I was so tired).

Now please do not tell me to get a flu shot. Sorry but I do NOT agree with putting Carcinogens, Mercury and Anti-Freeze into my body for a virus that may or may not be covered.

Half the flu strains in those vaccinations end up not being covered by the flu shot because the medical corporations and the CDC in Atlanta make gross errors of judgement. .

 Its only a cold. Its not going to kill me and I would much rather get  natural immunity. 

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Anonymous said...

I have had a terrible time this month with high levels of tree pollen. I just can't breathe.