Monday, March 19, 2012

Toronto Public Library now on STRIKE

My local branch of the Toronto Public Library has been closed for several weeks while undergoing renovations. It was reopened just in time for March break (March 12 - 19). I had one opportunity during March break to drop back all my books. I was busy with my son over the break, as he had several appointments he had to attend.

I was planning to go back and relax in the library after the break was over and once my son was back in school. Well today my son went back to school, and I sat down to check on the Library website.

 Guess what. There is a notice saying that all branches of the Toronto Public Library closed at 5 pm last night (Sunday March 18, 2012) because they are now on STRIKE. And why are they on strike?

 The City - and by City I mean Mayor Rob Ford  (or Doug - whichever one of these 2 brothers is currently the mayor) - has been threatening to cut services for some time now. That includes bargaining with the local librarian union.So as of Yesterday they are on strike.

WHAT am I going to read now?? I cant afford to purchase any books. My son needs books to read. I really need a place to get away from home and to relax. The Library is my "ME" Space - where I went to be alone for an hour or two. I haven't had any time during the renovations or during March Break and was desperately counting on some library time today.

Who knows how long this strike will continue for.

There are also rumours that the inside staff (which includes daycare workers) at the Toronto City Council are also planning to go on strike as well. The outside staff - went on strike back in the summer of  2009  That strike lasted for 6 weeks!!!!

I am NOT happy about this situation at all!!!!

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Marg said...

I would be gutted if my librarians went on strike. Hope these issues are resolved soon so that things go back to normal.