Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Bibliohistoria

Happy St Patricks day to all my readers. I haven't posted for 2 months - which is shocking - I know!!!

Today is the 5th birthday of this blog. It was exactly 5 years ago today that I started this blog.

So Happy Birthday to me - Bibliohistoria that is. 

Am not sure that I am going to continue with this blog either. At least not for now. 

I actually spend much more of my time on Squidoo now. I think I prefer Squidoo because there is no requirement to update every day or every week - except when you make a lens on a subject that requires updating. Otherwise, you make a lens on a subject and then you can leave it.

I have read 3 books in the last 2 months but still need to write reviews for them. I will try and do that in the next 3 months before the summer.

Otherwise please don't expect me to write much more here.

I know this may be a disappointment for you but - well c'est la vie - that's just how I work. I am surprised I managed to continue this blog for so long. But as you all know, I have lots of interests and I don't like being a specialist. I like flitting from one interest to another but in a cycle.

Eventually I may come back to reading books - but when that will happen, is the question. When I get some money will be the answer. Right now the economy is poor and I have not had a job for 3 years now.

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Marg said...

Hope you enjoy whatever you do next!