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Woodward and Bernstein - Life after Watergate - Book Review

Woodward and Bernstein - Life in the Shadow of Watergate
By Alicia Shepard
John Wiley and Sons 2007

Did you ever wonder Whatever Happened To those two Washington reporters that brought down President Nixon? And no I dont mean Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford. They are actors. They just portrayed the real reporters.

This book tells the story of what happened to Woodward and Bernstein before during and after Watergate.

Bernstein never really was able to keep up any decent career. During the watergate saga, the two men had written and published the book All the Presidents Men. This is the book on which Robert Redford based his hit movie of the same name.

Numerous times after the movie was rleased, whenever Carl Bernstein went to places like restaurants and said his name was Carl Bernstein, the journalist, he was frequently told that he was a liar. The real Bernstein was in All the Presidents Men.

Bernstein's personality meant that he got bored easily and kept jumping from story to story. He married (and divorced) Nora Ephron before she became famous as the writer of such movies as - Silkwood, When Harry met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You Got Mail. They have two sons (born between 1976 and 1980). Bernstein left the Washington Post and was later courted by ABC (I think) to do a daily TV show. Eventually Bernstein was fired from the TV show because he was not comfortable speaking with the guests or to the camera

Bob Woodward stayed at the Washington Post and used that as a jumping off point to write more books on Politics. They are all listed on Bob's website.

This book ends with the 2005 exposure of Deep Throat as being FBI senior employee Mark Felt. If you are interested in Watergate and want to know what happened next, then you have to read this book.

Bernstein and Woodward as played by Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford in the 1976 movie All the President's Men

The REAL Bernstein and Woodward in 1974

The REAL Bernstein and Woodward in 2008

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