Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why Diet and Excercise Fail - Book Review

Why Diet and Exercise Fail
By Daniel M Korn
Foner Books (Self published) 2009

Yes, this is another self-published health book. Not big - just 135 pages. This book attempts to explain why diet and exercise do not work. It also tries to explain what causes obesity and how it is NOT just because people eat too much.

Most Diets do not work because they do not teach the participants how to change their lifestyle, they do not teach that participants have to learn a new way of eating for the rest of their lives. When the participants use the diet, and get down to their goal weight, they go right back to eating the same old way they used to eat, and within a couple of years, all the weight they lost, has reappeared on the body. Exercise by itself also does not work.

Interestingly enough, Korn says that eating too much fat does not actually cause people to get fat. That is because most of the fat is burned as energy for the body to do its daily activities.

No - the 2 biggest causes of obesity are caffeine and not enough sleep. But then the lack of sleep is actually caused by the caffeine, because caffeine is a stimulant. Thats why everyone must have their morning cuppa before they get to work. So once you start drinking too much caffeine, you usually start losing sleep, and the weight piles on.

Also there is a note that diet sodas with aspartame still cause obesity because of the caffeine in those drinks. This is a major contradiction.

The diabetes clinics tell their diabetic patients that they can drink as much diet soda and black coffee as they like because the aspartame will not put on weight. There may be no sugar in diet drinks, BUT there is still CAFFEINE in those drinks. And diabetic people and experts wonder why the diabetics either cannot lose weight or why they are putting on more weight.

In Israel there are very few obese children. This is because of the desert and the very hot weather where Israel is located. Soda pop is not good for hot weather - it causes dehydration. So all Israeli kids and soldiers grow up drinking water. They do not become obese or overweight. Because they dont drink caffeine. There are obese Israeli adults, but those people started drinking coffee as adults.

I can vouch for all this. I used to drink soda pop by the 2 litre bottle every day. NOT diet pop - just the regular soda. I wondered why I was gaining weight. As soon as I weaned myself off the pop and onto water, I started losing weight.

So if you want to lose weight - really the only way to do it - STOP the POP.
And stop the coffee and all caffeinated drinks. Including RED BULL.

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