Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally I am free to read and post again

My accounting course has finally finished. I am definitely NOT a numbers person.

I still have just 2 more classes to go before I finally finish my diploma course. It seems to me that this year has gone by so fast. My next class ACCPAC. I have always done well with software packages so I dont think this will be too hard. My last class will be Advanced MS Applications.

Now I will finally have time to post some book reviews. I have still been reading over the last 4 weeks. Not as much as usual obviously, but now I can get back into posting reviews. Hopefully starting tomorrow - Saturday. The weather forecast says it will be cold and wet and raining all day. The perfect day to stay indoors and post.

Today (sort of as a reward for myself after the hard accounting course) my husband and I went to see the new movie - Angels and Demons, starring Tom Hanks and Ewen McGregor.

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