Monday, April 7, 2008

Al Franken - The Truth - Book Review

The Truth (with jokes)
By Al Franken
Dutton Press 2005

Several years ago, I read Al Franken's book Liars and the Lying Liars who tell them, and it was subtitled A Fair and Balanced look at the Right. Most it was about how George Bush stole the 2000 Presidential Election.

Fox News took Franken to court over his use of the phrase Fair and Balanced because that is what Fox News claimed their news is. Franken won the case. The book was very enjoyable and rather funny.

Now he has written the sequel - which covers the 9/11 attacks, the aftermath of the attacks as the White House saw it as well as the 2004 Presidential election. Franken reports every known lie that Bush made (and he told plenty of lies) including the yellowcake fiasco, the claim that Colin Powell'd proof to the UN was real, and the outing of Valerie Plame over the yellowcake affair.

He has definitely done his research and home work. If you want the REAL story of what happened between 9-11 and the 2004 election, this is the book to read. Oh yes, and Franken is also running for the US Senate this year. Senate


TheBig Roz said...

Oh come on. Franken is no expert on discerning when lies are told. He supported the Iraq War, saying later that he didn't believe that a President would lie about going to war.
I wonder why he thought stealing an election made a person honorable and honest?
I'm supporting Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer here in Minnesota for the US Senate. Jack was Paul Wellstone's foreign policy advisor who convinced Paul that the President was lieing about Iraq. I'm supporting Jack because he can see where the truth is before he sends people off to a disasterous war. He's also an inspiring speaker, has a great progressive vision, and doesn't water down his stances to raise money. He just resonates with people.

Sam Houston said...

IMO, Franken is an out-of-control fool. I believe his version of "facts" about 10% of the time. The man makes a great living doing what he does. Is he honest? I seriously doubt it.