Saturday, April 26, 2008

50 Greatest Books - Globe and Mail - Venting

I've been posting the 50 Greatest Books from the Globe and Mail Newspaper on my blog since January, and now I discover that you have to PAY to read the article. I posted about Gullivers Travels 4 days ago. The article was originally posted last weekend on 19/04/2008 and now (just 1 week later) you cannot read it unless you pay.

Does that happen with all the articles? If yes then I am not sure that I want to continue covering this series anymore. Its not worth it if my readers cannot read the articles.

I checked all my articles and links. And ALL but one are now pay-to-view. I'd say this is a new Globe policy to make more money. Which is very disappointing to me.

While I did say I was not going to continue with this series, I have decided that I will, as it is educational and its become a habit. BUT you have to read the articles within the first week or you will end up having to pay to read them.


Anonymous said...

The Globe and Mail has misunderstood what the Internet is all about. They thought that the information superhighway was a toll road. Like many other corporations, they saw the opportunity to make money. But they failed to correctly read the model.

The Internet has its own culture. Google, Amazon, and Ebay all understand the model and have prospered. The Globe will only go downhill. It is a shame, as the Globe will no longer to be able to claim to be Canada's "newspaper of record." There simply are not enough suckers who will pay their exorbitant toll charges.

N-onymous said...

I've just spent ages looking for the list, googled it and your post came up. The ball drops. So that's why I can't find the original full article. I keep getting snap shots from here and then. Perhaps a list of '50 greatest way to scam people out of hard earned money' should be their next priority. Why the greatest and not simply great? - Because we want a riot!