Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Top 50 Books of all time - according to the Globe and Mail for 2008.


The Globe & Mail Newspaper here in Toronto plans on doing a weekly series choosing the top 50 books of all time, starting next week.

As of next week, Globe Books begins a new series, The 50 Greatest Books...So why not simply 50 Great Books? In part, because we want readers to engage in the discussion - we plan to provide a forum for outraged advocates or critics, clever ripostes and tut-tutting over obvious oversights - and in part because in making distinctions, we implicitly reject the postmodern view that won't allow privileging (in the fashionable term) Anna Karenina over the James Bond books...The 50 will not be ranked in order. We figure just choosing them is adventurous enough. The entries will be derived from discussions among members of our panel of experts (as if anyone's really expert). Their carefully guarded identities will be revealed only at the end of the series, when readers will be invited to engage with them more directly. Each entry will be written by someone with knowledge, usually extensive knowledge, of the book in question...So many issues, so many books, so few of them great. Watch for our first choice in this space next week. And be prepared to argue.

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