Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Things you can do with Photographs

As promised yesterday there was more snow in Toronto. But we also had a very steep temperature drop. Woke up this morning to find ICE on the sidewalks and roads, and a windchill factor of Minus 24 degrees celcius. (the temperature was actually -14).

So I did my rounds of the blogs today, and came across a really cool place that make your photos look like they are in a museum. So here is yesterdays Snowmaze Photograph as it would look if it were on display in a Museum. I like it. Looks so cool.


heather (errantdreams) said...

That's such a cool frobby. And the photo looks awesome. Happy new year!

prying1 said...

Wandered over from Chris's Book Hunter’s Holiday - Awesome pic but I bet it looked better in real life. - Makes me jealous except for the idea of scraping ice off the windshield. (Or do you all then windscreens in Toronto? - I've so much to learn...)

Looks like you have a blog that is tops in my book. (no pun intended. I don't think anyway. - perhaps my poetical side...)

Anyway - Added you to favorites and hope to visit back soon. - Time is an issue though. Forgive me if it takes a while...

Historia said...

Ice on the Windscreen? Thank goodness we dont need to deal with that. We pay $40 per month for the privilege of UNDERGROUWND parking. If we didnt have that, we would be spending all our days trying to clear the windscreen, and getting the car started.

Yes, Book Hunter's Holiday is an excellent blog. The link is in my sidebar.