Saturday, January 26, 2008

On the Origin of Species - 50 Greatest Books

Today's Top 50 Book by the Globe and Mail.

On the Origin of Species, By Charles Darwin, published in 1859.

Despite my eclectic range of interests, I actually have never read this book - at least not the whole thing. Although I certainly have made the attempt a few times.

But I do know a bit about Darwin. I do know that Darwin's much loved daughter died at age 12, I think, and Darwin's wife, Emma Darwin, wrote some diaries, and I even linked to them back when I first started blogging.

Whether or not people believe in evolution, this book certainly has created a divide. Between Science and Atheists who say that yes it happened, just as Darwin described. The scientists just have not yet found the "missing link". And the Christians who accept Creation, or the new phrase - Intelligent Design - where God created the Universe and everything in it. You only need to look to the complexity of the human body to know that it didnt come together by accident. God also created nature and the beautiful planet we live on - when it's not being destroyed by bombs.

I won't say anymore, I am just presenting the after effects that Darwin let loose when he wrote his book. I'm sure he would be horrified to know the chaos his book has unleashed.

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Amateur Reader said...

"The Voyage of 'The Beagle'" is a great way to read Darwin firsthand - a delightful book, more adventure than science.