Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nicholas Hoare Books

I finally ventured into my local Nick Hoares bookshop yeterday. I've been living in this area for over 6 years, and yesterday was the first time I had ever been inside. It was such heaven. Such a huge and excellent selection of books.

And even better - the NON-fiction was all at the front, with the fiction and childrens sections at the back. If I owned a bookstore, that is exactly the way I would arrange it. My favourites (non-fiction) at the front, and everyone else's choices at the back.

I ended up with 6 books in my arms. At the counter, I was ruthless. I went strictly on price, and only purchased the 3 books with prices below $20. I'll have to get the others at a later time, when I can afford them.

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