Thursday, October 11, 2007

So proud of my son

Since I purchased my copy of Patricia's book 13 Ghosts of Halloween last week, and having read it to my 5 year old son at bedtime every night since my son decided that it was time for him to read to me. He read the entire book back to me with just a little bit of help.

I realise that he has memorised the words (and when I read the book, I cant help but sing the words, because the tune is so obvious), and he used the pictures to remember the actions, but still, he was reading, and he does love that book.

I have never been so proud of him as I am tonight.Thank you Patricia for the great pictures and a great book.


patricia said...

Oh Robynne, thank-you so much for this wonderful post! That's the best compliment I've received regarding my book. Naturally I want to continue to illustrate (and hopefully write) children's books because it is a wonderful (though not very lucrative!) way to earn a living, but it really does mean a lot to me, to be able to reach out to kids, draw them in (if you pardon the pun) with my pictures, and welcome them into the wonderful world of reading.

Big congrats to your son!

BookGal said...

It is reading. That's how we all start. I'll bet he can start anywhere in the book and probably knows some random words as well. Congratulations on raising a reader!