Monday, October 22, 2007

The Book Hunter

I found a lovely new Blog last night, and spent several hours reading it through. It's called the Book Hunter's Holiday, and is owned by Chris in California. She's decided that, after several years of being an English teacher, she would much rather sell Antiquarian Books. So she has started an online shop, attended a book fair and has even been accepted into a course at the Rare Books School in Virginia.

Last month in September, Chris started her blog about the Education of an Antiquarian Bookseller. Her posts are fascinating. As many of you know, I love antiquarian books, but I'm not a seller. I prefer to do the research, (Bibliography). Each post on her blog is called a Chapter. I thought this was a very interesting idea. Especially when there is a consistent theme all the way through. My blog is not consistent. Yes, it is about Books, but not every post is a book review.

My most favourite chapter was Chapter 33 - Required reading for those New to Antiquarian Books..

So please do drop by and welcome Chris to the world of blogging.

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Sam Houston said...

Thanks for the link to that interesting site. I quickly read a few of the "chapters" and can see that I need to slow down and spend some quality time there. Nice find.