Tuesday, October 2, 2007

13 Ghosts, medical appointments and shopping

I had my follow-up appointment with the Neurosurgeon today, (2 months and 2 days after I was discharged) and he has pronounced me to be fit as a fiddle. He says he doesn't need to see me again, and that he hoped I will have a good life.

My eye problem is not related to my surgery at all. If it was, it would have happened immediately after surgery, not 3 weeks later. It's most likely because I am getting old. Hey, I'm only 43.

So after my appointment, I went shopping. I went to 2 bookshops in 1 hour and spent (gasp) $80. Yep, that's eighty dollars.

I finally purchased Patricia's 13 ghosts of Halloween, for my son. Another book was the Geographer's Library, which looks interesting. Also purchased 2 books about Shakespeare. I will post about those on my Shakespeare blog.

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Sam Houston said...

Congrats on the clean bill of health...I know what you mean about getting old...and "hard of seeing." :-)