Saturday, October 27, 2007

I haven't had any time to post this weekend.

Well yesterday (being friday) right after I posted the Devil Wears Prada review, we lost our power, and I could not post a second review. And today (Saturday) my son demanded to go out early. So he has been to his saturday morning dance class (he's doing hip-hop), and to a friends birthday party. With me tagging along behind.

DH is sick (has a very bad cough - sounds like a bark actually) so when we got home, I was sent out to McDonalds for dinner. Haven't had any time to read or post. Haven't done any laundry or dishes either. I will try and post this evening.

Does anyone know where I can find books about how to play the harmonica? My son won a harmonica as a prize today, and he seems to like the music he can make.

I am now moderating my comments again after the SPAM I just got on the last post. I am furious that I CANNOT remove the comment. Any suggestions?


sassymonkey said...

For the harmonica try Steve's Music Stoor. It's on Queen West.

sally906 said...

Re your comment on removing spam - I was able to delete a unwarranted.

I am sure you can do it through the dashboard - if you click on posts then comment - you should see a little dustbin (or trashcans as you guys call them - lol) clicking on that enables you to delete the comment. if not contact the blogger people and they may be able to remove it for you. is a shame you have to moderate everyone now because of the actions of one person

Historia said...


For some reason I wasn't seeing those trashcans. Thanks heaps.

That SPAM is now gone!!!!.

But I think I will stay moderated, for now.

sally906 said...

No worries - glad to help :)