Tuesday, March 4, 2008

That new job

Remember that interview I mentioned last week? the one where I lost interest during the interview because there might be some weekend work?

Well, I ended up actually getting that job. I accepted it, because I need a job and because I have not heard back from any of the other jobs I have been applying for. So right now it is 10am Tuesday morning and I am waiting for the new employer to call me. The hours (30 hours per week) the pay and working from home, are all perfect. This is a Marketing Analyst job - writing reports and accessing their database to do my work. A major step up from the survey interviews I used to do, a few years ago.


Chris Lowenstein said...

Congratulations on the new job! Hope it goes well and am glad to hear you can work at home.

Marg said...


I work from home occasionally but I have to say I find it a bit distracting but I do stay up to date on my blogging!