Saturday, March 22, 2008

De ludo schacorum (About the game of Chess).

In April last year I posted a story about a new magic book originally published in Renaissance Italy, and had just become available in english. This magic book was written by Luca Pacioli. He was Leonardo da Vinci's best friend and teacher

Today I read about another of Pacioli's books that has recently come to light.
This book is called De ludo schacorum (About the game of Chess).

A masterpiece from the early literature of chess has recently resurfaced after being thought lost for five centuries. The rediscovery of this book is of much more than scholarly or antiquarian interest, for it has been suggested that its chess puzzle diagrams were not only designed by Leonardo da Vinci, but also drawn by him and, the most tantalising prospect of all, perhaps even composed by him.

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