Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Divine Comedy by Dante - 50 Greatest Books

The Greatest Book this weekend is The Divine Comedy by Dante.

It may begin in Hell, but Dante's masterpiece is finally entirely heavenly.

I will admit I have never read this book. Mainly because the language is difficult and abstract, and I just do not do well with abstract. I am also not a fan of poetry.

But I have read a few novels that use Dante's books as part of the storyline. The Last Cato is one of them. I have another one on my TBR list but still haven't read it yet, called In the Hand of Dante.

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Amateur Reader said...

Dante's language may be difficult, but it is not at all abstract. The "Inferno" has lasted as long as it has because of the wonderfully specific, imaginative details of Hell. Try John Sinclair's translation, in highly readable prose, with very helpful essays for each canto.