Thursday, February 28, 2008

Canada is too cold to be looking for a job

This has been one of the worst winters ever. Apparently there is an arctic mass of cold air sitting over much of Canada and probably Russia and Europe. It has been much colder than usual all around the Northern Hemisphere. It's not global warning, but global cooling. Today is -10 degrees Celcius and the windchill is -27 Celcius. Apparently -27 degrees is where Celsius and Fahrenheit meet. In Hawaii, the locals have had to resort to wearing long-sleeved T-shirts - instead of the short sleeves they usually wear.

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I lost my bank debit card - the result of my memory getting worse since my operation - and I am very lucky I did not lose my credit card as well. So after tramping around several shops where I last remember using it, I headed for the bank to get a new one.

I also had a job interview - on the telephone. It started off well until the job started expanding beyond what was originally stated. This was a home based position writing market analyst reports (results of survey and focus groups). I was happily stating that I would be available at home during the day and the evenings (with a 3 hour break between dinner, and sons bedtime) until the employer mentioned that occasionally there might be some last minute work that would mean working the weekend. I immdiately deflated. The weekend? Thats family time. I lost enthusiasm after that. I'll have to wait and see who they choose, but I dont expect it to be me. It's too cold to be looking for a job.

And my son has a new craze. Well two new crazes really. First the skateboard - I purchased that last week because it was on sale and the prices was really too good to pass up. Now he wants Chaotic cards. Chaotic is the latest TV craze. A cartoon program where kids fight imaginary animals in an imaginary world. Someone has developed a card game out of this. And my son was upset that I did not immediately go out and buy him a pack of cards. Well for one they are hard to find. I had to call several shops looking for them. Am still debating whether or not to actually get them, right now. It's too cold to be outside.

I should have another book review up later today.

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