Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review of 2012

I guess I need to do a review of 2012, right?

 Well I am still unemployed. I did not even try to look for a job in 2012. I was too busy with my family - especially after my son was diagnosed with Diabetes. I was also kept busy with Squidoo.

 The End of the World (Mayan prophecy date)  has passed and we are still alive. In fact - on that date - December 21st, 2012 - I went to the hospital to get my blood tests done - which I always have to do before my quarterly specialist appointment.

Surprisingly there was NO Nuclear war in 2012 - but a certain country is still pushing for the USA to start a war with another certain country and the people are resisting.

The economy is getting worse and prices are rising higher.

I know this all seems like doom and gloom, but it is a fact of how we are living.

I mentioned last year that we had purchased a 3rd computer. Well, it is now hooked up to the family network, and we now have 3 computers working, but only 2 of them are actually being used.

I have moved from the old XP computer to the new Windows 7 computer. I LOVE the new Windows 7 computer. It has 6 GB of RAM and 1.33 TERABYTES of HARDRIVE memory!!!

Hubby for some reason does not like the Windows 7. So he and our son are still sharing the Vista computer.

The XP computer is actually getting very slow, so its probably about time it was retired. I just need to finish moving all my files off the XP to the new Win 7 PC, and then we can let the XP die a natural death.

I came across a meme about Microsoft and I thought it was very true.

Windows 98 - Excellent
Windows 2000/ME - Sucked
Windows XP - Excellent
Windows VISTA - Sucked
Windows 7 - Excellent
Windows 8 - Not doing so good.

And that's my review of 2012.

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Anonymous said...

We are lucky to have avoided a nuclear war last year. I do not have much hope for 2013 with North Korea and Iran having this weapon. Israel will surely bomb Iran's nuclear facilities this year. Who knows what will happen re cybersecurity with the idiotic Congress failing to act on China's computer hacking.