Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recent Books I have read and Online Relationships

Not eveything is about the weather - even though it seems like it. Despite being in this city for 12 years, I guess I am still not totally acclimated to living where snowstorms are considered par for the course. Because where I grew up, it did not snow in January!! That was (is) summer time.

In other news - My sister got married 3 days ago for the second time. It was the second time around for both of them, actually. They both have one son each and the boys get along very well.

Judging from the photos I got from my parents, my sister looked gorgeous in her dress, and with her hair done the way it was.

 You know how people say that marriages from online relationships generally don't work? I dont know why people have to be so negative about meeting spouses and partners online - because my sister and I are both living proof that online dating DOES WORK.

Both of us met our spouses online. I met my husband in a chat room in January 2000. We were married in October 2000. We have now been married for over 12 years.

My sister met her spouse in an online chatroom some time in late 2000 - just after my wedding, I believe. They met in person during 2001 and have been together since January 2003 - that's 10 years!!!  They have also been engaged to be married for the last 4 years.

So online relationships - if you find the right person - DO WORK.

Moving on  - I have read and/or reviewed the following books over the last few weeks. These are reviewed at Squidoo.

The Walking Drum

The Out of Time Series

Charlton Heston Books

Girl of the Limberlost

I also babbled on about Reading Challenges and Book Club Quests too

So that's my reading and news for this month.

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