Monday, April 26, 2010

Book of Souls - Book Review

The Book of Souls
by Glenn Cooper
Harper Collins 2010

This book is a sequel to the Library of the Dead - a novel I reviewed in July last year.

Former FBI Special Agent Will Piper solved - and survived - the "Doomsday Killer" case . . . and his reward was a forced early retirement. Noone knew it, but one of the books was missing from the library. Piper has been retired for a year and now has a new wife and new baby son.

The book shows up at an auction in London and is sold for $200,000. Piper is reluctantly drawn into the search for the answers provided by this mysterious volume that's been lost for six centuries.

Piper finds a poem supposedly written by Shakesepeare. He travels to England to search for the clues that are mentioned in the poem. The answers to the clues explain Shakespeares inspiration and Nostradamus's prophecies.

Unknown to Piper, the library also shows that a large number of people will die in a catastrophe on a specific day in a specific country. This is fortune telling at its best. While Piper has been retired, his former employers have put a plan into action. A plan to step into the vaccum of the disaster and take control of a foreign country when the disaster happens.

Another excellent novel from this author with plenty of action, both physical and intellectual.

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