Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And the Winner is......

My son's school has been holding raffles for various prizes over the last week. $2 bought you 10 tickets.

Every day for the last week, my son would come home and tell me that "I didn't win a prize today, mommy". With 200 kids in his school there was practically NO chance at all he would win a prize, even though he had 10 tickets.

He didnt seem to be too upset (which I am pleased about). He is mature enough at 7 years of age (almost 8), to know and accept that he may not win anything.

Today was the last day of draws - the draw was for the biggest prize.

Today my second grade son won the top prize

The top prize was a lovely gorgeous and very large Teddy Bear.

This bear is huge. It is even bigger than my son was, as a new born.

I can't beleive my son won the top prize in the school raffle.

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