Saturday, February 20, 2010



That was a huge sigh. I am in book heaven this week.

I found a new social network for bookworms and readers this week. It's called Goodreads. The site encourages you to catalogue all your books and then identify if you ARE currently reading them, HAVE read them or WANT to read them.

This site is similar to Shelfari and Library Things.

I tried Shelfari but it was too chunky and slow. But then it had just started when I signed up, and they were still working out the kinks and glitches. I even had a widget from Shelfari on this blog but they kept changing it so eventually I scrubbed it. That was about the time I stopped using Shelfari. You'll notice that the earlier posts on this blog concerning Shelfari are all dated 2007.

I still don't like the look of Library Things. Still way too much text for my liking and still no visual appeal. Plus they still charge you for more than 200 books. My credit card is not in a healthy condition right now.

Goodreads is totally free and the cover pictures looks great. In going through my books to add to my Goodreads catalogue, I have found at least 11 books with book marks in them that I have started at different times and have not finished. Now I feel compelled to finish reading them. There is also a new widget from Goodreads on this blog already. I am listed on Goodreads as Alexandria Historia - named after the Great Library of Alexandria and this blog.

On Goodreads even after being there for less than 1 week, I am already a librarian - which means I can edit book details and data, add new books, add book covers and new editions and so on. That's because their only restriction is to have 50 books listed. I had over 200 books listed at the time I applied to be a librarian. That was 24 hours afetr I signed up. I now have over 300 books catalogued.

To meet other people, you join groups which are essentially message boards. These groups are usually based on genres, authors, specific historical events, different places or specific time periods and so on. Some groups do not appear to be book related at all.

One group I signed up with is called A History of Royals. This group is - A place to talk about all royals from every corner of the world and from all moments in history, fiction or non-fiction; real or imaginary. Discuss everyone from Cleopatra to Marie Antoinette, from King Arthur to King Henry VIII to Queen Elizabeth II. Whatever and whomever you are fascinated by!

I like it!!! NO - I lOVE IT.

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