Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dante Catalogue

Chris from BookHunters Holiday's Dante catalogue arrived in the post today.

It took just one week from California, USA to Ontario, Canada and crossing a border as well - I call that pretty fast!!!

It is a big catalogue - the size is bigger than I was expecting. It also feels nicer having it in my hands, rather than reading it online.

I actually found it easier to read the entire blurb about the Disney Dante Comics with a catalogue in my hands, than I did trying to read it online. Scroll down to item 56, pages 34 and 35 for the comics. (PDF)

$1000 for 50+ year old comics? YIKES!!!

Thank you Chris for all your hard work, and I hope you are able to sell every item!!!

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Chris Lowenstein said...

Thanks for the post on the catalogue! Glad you liked it and that it arrived in a timely fashion. Believe it or not, the Mickey Mouse comic is already sold.