Monday, August 31, 2009

A Poisoned Season - Book Review

A Poisoned Season
by Tasha Alexander
William Morrow Books (Imprint of Harper Collins)2007

This is the second Book in the Emily Ashton series. Emily is now out of mourning and can at long last wear bright colours again. Once again Emily and her husbands friend Colin Hargreaves get involved with murder and pretenders when Mr David Francis, an acquaintance, is poisoned.

There is also a new gentleman in town. Charles Berry who claims to be descended from the French Royal family and therefore is demadning that he be given support and money in order to reclaim his throne. Mr Berry was born and raised in USA and did not learn the french language. Emily finds this odd. Charles is also interested in acquiring any item or article that used to belong to Queen Marie Antoinette.

At the same time, artciles that used to belong to Marie Antoinette begin to disapper from the owner houses. Emily and Colin travel to Paris, Istanhul and Santorini (Greece) to discover the thief and to find the person who poisoned David Francis.

This was a another great book. I read this in just 2 hours yesterday sitting in Berzscy Park while my son had fun at the Buskerfest. I could not put it down.

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Chris Lowenstein said...

These sound like fun reads. Thanks for the recommendation of this new author!