Monday, April 13, 2009

School on Easter Monday

In New Zealand, Australia and a few other countries, Easter Monday is a holiday.
In Canada, Easter Monday is NOT a holiday. At least not any more. It used to be.

Consequently those businesses that have the Easter Monday holiday in their Union Contract are still closed on Easter Monday. These includes the city hall and all its departments, such as Public Libraries, Daycares and Schools. Also included is the FEDERAL post office.

Not included are Private Career Colleges, such as Trios. Which means I had to go to school on Monday, while my son stayed home. Since the teacher is currently doing the same two accounting classes every day, it was actually easy for me to switch to the afternoon class just for one day. Normally I attend morning classes. Thus I was able to baby sit my son in the morning and have my husband babysit the son in the afternoon.

On the Friday of Easter weekend, my son and I went to High Park. This is the Toronto equivalent of Central Park in NYC.
On the saturday, my son and I went to the movies. We saw the cartoon Movie - Monsters versus Aliens.
On the Sunday of Easter weekend my son and I went to see the Beaches Easter Parade. The wind was very chilly.
Monday was actually a relief for me to have some time to myself at school.

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