Monday, April 20, 2009

MSG horror story and more stuff about MILK.

I realise this blog is not supposed to be a healthy food blog, but since I started losing weight, I have become much more of a food activist. Anyway I found this story today (dated August 2008) that adds more information to the Liberation Diet book I reviewed last week.

MSG is being sprayed right on fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and vegetables as they grow -- even those used in baby food.

This is just HORRIBLE.

While the MSG is presently only being sprayed in USA, I dread the day that Canada fails to stand up for itself and does what it is told by the USA just because it is the most expedient (or politically SAFE) thing to do.

I remember a long time ago (20 years at least) and my family went out to dinner at a chinese restaurant one evening. The very next day I was as sick as a dog, with a major migraine, vomiting and generally very sick. I spent the whole day in bed. I used to get these "attacks" (as I called them) on a regular basis when I was growing up.

It took me a very long time to figure out that those "attacks" usually only happened after I had eaten TOO MUCH of a comfort food. Foods like a whole uncut loaf of fresh white bread, several large chocolate bars all at one time and sometimes just too many bottles or cans of soft drinks. Stress also played a part as well.

I finally figured out that the MSG in the chinese food was the cause of the first attack, and since MSG is in white bread and chocolate, my body is very sensitive to MSG. So I have now stopped eating processed foods. I no longer eat cheddar cheese, processed meats, dairy products, most junk foods and any other food with MSG. I have also stopped drinking soda pop (fizzy drinks). I never realsied just HOW much sugar there is, in one can of soda.

Something else the Liberation diet book mentioned, was that when MILK is pasturized, it is heated up to very high temperatures. It is quite probable that the good bacteria in milk (the stuff that is in raw milk and seems to keep us healthy) is killed off so that the milk actually has NO value at all. And as for the calcium, I would not be at all surprised if the milk companies actually add the calcium.

The fact that heated pasturised milk has NO real food value, it is no wonder that the milk companies are desperate to have us drink THEIR pasturised useless milk, and NOT the raw milk that is actually a lot more healthy for us. They even tell lies about raw milk being full of bacteria and thus being bad for us. There are stories about this in the Liberation Diet book. The dairy companies dont bother to tell us that the bacteria in milk is very good for us. That is probably why so many Europeans have milk intolerances or allergies. The pasturized milk is of no value to us at all and we dont have the enzymes to break it down. Thats the job of the bacteris in the raw milk - and they have been killed off in the pasturization process.

In fact since I stopped drinking milk, and stopped eating icecream, and stopped drinking soda pop, my system has vastly improved and I have lost 40 pounds.

For more ionformatin, please read the Weston Price Foundation website.

What is Real Milk

The source of most commercial milk is the modern Holstein,* bred to produce huge quantities of milk--three times as much as the old-fashioned cow. She needs special feed and antibiotics to keep her well. Her milk contains high levels of growth hormone from her pituitary gland, even when she is spared the indignities of genetically engineered Bovine Growth Hormone to push her to the udder limits of milk production.

Pasturization DOES harm the Raw Milk.

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