Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Machiavelli Covenant - Book Review

Machiavelli Covenant
by Allan Folsom
Forge Books 2006

The Ultimate Conspiracy Novel.

Nicholas Marten's former girlfriend, Caroline, dies of an unknown illness. At the same time her husband and son are killed in a light plane crash. Caroline's husband was a congressman.

While trying to discover why Caroline was killed, Marten digs up one small fact. Her husband had discovered an illegal and secret bioweapons program. When the feds fail to investigate these deaths, Marten pursues the killers himself.

At a NATO summit in Warsaw, President John Henry Harris meets with Europe's heads of state. When Harris learns that a White House cabal has ordered the German chancellor's assassination, he angrily objects. The cabal not only threatens to kill Harris, they pull the secret service off his detail.

Escaping incognito, Harris joins two strangers, Nicholas Marten and the beautiful but enigmatic French photo-journalist, Demi Picard. Moving from Warsaw to Malta to Barcelona, and the hills of Catalonia, the three of them flee a ruthless clique of military leaders and international corporate CEO's, as well as top Washington officials. All three are wanted dead, not alive. They know too much.

The assassination of world leaders, the massacre of millions, assaults on the US with weapons of mass destruction, nothing is beyond the cabal's cunning. They call themselves the Covernant. Their origins go back 500 years.

In the 16th century, the dying Machiavelli fashioned a sinister work entitled, The Covenant. This was an ominous plan for gaining true power and keeping it. For centuries this wealthy, despotic order has hidden the plan away, inspired and emboldened by its bloody insights and near-preternatural power. Bonded by vicious rites and ritual slaughter, dedicated to their vision of global rule, they have over the centuries prospered beyond dreams of greed and domination. Three people now stand between the Brotherhood and its final apocalyptic conquest.

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I love political thrillers. I am adding this book to my tbr list.