Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just too busy to read

I know, I know, I havent posted for over a week.

BUT my accounting classes are very intense and I get a LOT of homework every day so I am not reading anywhere near as much as I usually do.

I have another week off in Mid march and I hope to be able to read a few books then. At this rate I will not be able to complete all the challenges I want to do - which is somewhat disappointing.

I am still reading but a LOT more slowly. For example, the book I am reading right now is just over 400 pages, and I started it last week. I still have not finished it yet. But when I do, it will get a review as it is an excellent book.

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Chris Lowenstein said...

I can absolutely relate to this, Historia. If you are working on school, that has to be your first priority. Those of us who enjoy your blog will still be here when you have time to return. Good luck with your classes!