Monday, December 1, 2008

New Art History Challenge

I have just discovered a new Art History Challenge. I absolutely LOVE Art History. There are 4 gorgeous and lovely buttons you can use. I have uploaded two of them. I do plan on doing this challenge in 2009.

Do you love art? Do you love reading about art? Join The Art History Reading Challenge and challenge yourself to read at least 6 books about art in 2009. These can be either fiction or nonfiction, and can span every genre from historical fiction to graphic novel.

And I have also discovered the website of Karen Essex. I have never heard of her before, although she appears to have written some excellent historial novels. I must find them - maybe even read Leonardo Swans for this challenge.

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Sarah G said...

Thanks for joining the challenge! I am interested to see what you choose to read next year. I am planning on reading one of Karen Essex's novels, hopefully it lives up to my expectations!