Friday, December 5, 2008

Challenges and other things

Well first up I have now done 501 posts. This is post number 502.

My sons school had their parent-teacher interviews today. My son had mostly Bs and Cs on his report card.

And as my regular readers will know, I am currently doing the Canadian challenge. This requires readers is to read 13 books by or about Canada between Canada day one year (July 1st) to Canada day the following year.

So far I have officially read 26 books. That is I have done this challenge twice and I am now doing this challenge a 3rd time.

I went looking for books today and came home with 3 biographies - all by women. One of them being Canadian which I will read for the challenge. As soon as I have finished the current Canadian autobiography. The other two biogrphies are Benazir Bhutto and Sandra Day O'Connor. You'll find out who the 3rd writer is when I write the review.

My parents will be celebrating their Golden wedding anniversay just before Xmas. They have been married for 50 years.

And for my own anniversary. Next week will be the 2nd anniversary of my official landing in Canada as a permanent resident. Even though I have been living in Canada for 8 years. And on that date next week, I will officially be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.

For those of you who say I must be landed for 3 years - well usually yes - but those who were processed inside Canada get to use up to two years of residence inside Canada before landing, as one year of full time residency for the purposes of being eligible for citizenship 1 year earlier than those who immigrate from outside Canada.

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