Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The first official day of winter.

It snowed today in Toronto. The first proper snowfall that has actually settled on the ground. Today (to me anyway) is the first official day of winter. This is the balcony this evening after several hours of snowfall.

At lunchtime today (9 hours ago) when I left to go to school, the sky was a little cloudy, the kids were on the basketball court playing basketball and it was a fine day.

I realise that I havent posted much in the way of book reviews, but I am actually not reading as much as I normally do. My latest class for my Business Administration Diploma has a lot of home work every day and one huge big project due at the end of the class. I also had a "midterm" exam tomorow as well. More like a midclass exam since this class is just 4 weeks long.

This class is called Canadian Business Practices. It mostly covers Economics, How to Start up a Business and Business Plans.

The big project is to create a product or a service and then create a business plan for that product or service. The class of seven are doing this in two teams.

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