Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Chapter 2

This is my 6 year old medieval knight. This is what he will be wearing tonight when he goes out trick & treating. He also gets to wear this to school in the afternoon but without the sword & shield. The school notice says NO props or weapons of any kind. The cape my son is wearing comes from the Superman outfit he wore when he was 4. At that age the cape went down to his ankles!!!!

Our local community centre is putting on a Halloween party tonight - with face painting, cookie decorating, fortune telling and a Fun House of Horrors. Anyone who completes all the activities and goes through the House of Horrors gets a treat when they exit - most likely it will be a candy bag.

I've seen some cute costumes at the daycare already. A girl dressed up very nicely as Dracula and a young boy dressed up as Indiana Jones complete with whip AND hat. I will try and get photos if at all possible and if it is allowed.

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