Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween - Chapter 1

Halloween is coming up - and we are getting the son's costume organised. Hopefully he will look something like this - but he tells me that he doesnt want to wear a dress.

It's not a dress. Its a tunic.
ALL men wore them 1000 years ago.
But mommy I dont want to wear it, I will be embarrassed.

Underneath this tunic he wears gray pants, gray shirt and hopefully a gray balaclava.

If he doesnt weat the tunic or the cape, noone will know what he is at school. On Halloween the kids get to wear their costumes to school and they have a dance-a-thon to raise money. BUT they cannot wear a mask, or take any weapons to school. So he will just be a kid dressed in gray clothes.

Hopefully at night, he will wear the tunic, the cape, and hold the sword and shield he got for his birthday. Then he will really look like a knight of the old days.

The most successful costume we ever did for our son was when he was a scarecrow. He came home with a HUGE amount of candy that year. Everyone though he was just so cute.


Chris Lowenstein said...

I am sure your darling scarecrow (he looks adorable in that photo) will make a very heroic and chivalrous knight!

Lisa said...

My son is also going as a Knight. His costume is black sweats with a breast plate, shield, sword and helmet. He's SO excited. In fact, he has it on right now.