Friday, May 30, 2008

Its the end of May

Well it's the end of May. My family got through all three birthdays, pretty much ok. My son turned 6 years old, and got a Star Wars light sabre (a big one with lights and sounds) and a guitar for his birthday. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we also purchased a new computer as well. The 9 year old PC had to be replaced because it had insufficient RAM and hard drive memory. Which meant that the boys could not play the newer video games on it. (the boys being my 6 year old son and his dad). We have now purchased both a memory card and a video card for the new computer, and the new games are running very nicely now.

May however was not complete without a major upset along the way. About a week after my birthday, I was dismissed from my job. This was the first job I had found after my surgery. So I am back to hunting for yet another job. I hate looking for new jobs.

Because there are no jobs out there that allow me to actually do what I love doing. And what I love doing is surfing, blogging, reading books and reviewing books. I would also like to do bibliography, but with no experience, I cannot make any progress in that direction.

There is one job in Toronto involving books that I would love to do and that is to be a book scanner. For the Internet Archive. They have an office at the University of Toronto (in the Robarts Library) where 12 people do nothing but scan in books (page by page) for the archive. Old books, Rare books. This is one job I would love to do. I have applied twice so far, but all I get is silence. Not even an interview.

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Chris said...

Sounds like May has been busy. Best of luck on the new job hunt -- I know that's not easy or fun. And keep doing anything you can to move toward a bookish job. You'd be perfect for it.