Monday, May 5, 2008

Birthdays and Upgrading the PC

As I said a few days ago, May is the family birthday month. And I get the first birthday.

The birthday money and an extra infusion of cash, meant we could finally purchase a new computer, for the whole family. To replace the old one that was purchased waaaay back in 1999. Now what used to be the "new" computer (the one I am currently using, and that was purchased 2 years ago with Windows XP), is now the old computer. The nice thing is that both computers now have flat screen monitors.

The new "new" computer has Vista. I did not want to buy Vista, but because Microsoft is a monopoly, we didn't really have much choice. I did make a lot of noise at the shop about how useless Vista is. They nodded, they've heard it all before, but they still have to sell them.

Already we have had to purchase extra memory for the RAM (we brought a 2GB board for $70) and are looking to purchase a new video card as well, because the "intergrated graphics" chip that is already installed, seems to be quite useless.

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