Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer vacation has begun!!!

Let the onslaught begin. School has finished and the kids are now on vacation for the next 9 weeks!!

I am enrolling my son in a camp for 7 of those 9 weeks and quite naturally he is not very happy about it.

But it was that or allow him to do what he did last year. which was to stay in doors all day every day on the computer for 12 hours every day and that is just not good. It is very unhealthy.

About the Diabetes, he is doing good with that. His numbers are fairly stable right now. He takes his insulin jabs every morning and evening. They won't interfere with camp. Provided he doesn't overdo the exercise (sports) he should be OK.

This camp is run by an outfit called Toronto Youth Development and they cater to the kids who are at risk for joining gangs and doing violence on the streets and who come from low income families.This camp is for kids in grades 5 through 8 - and my son will be entering grade 5 in September.

There are 3 hours of academics - language arts and maths - every day, but it will be from the grade 5 curriculum so this gives the kids a bit of a head start when they go back to school in September.

After lunch they do sports, crafts and activities related to science, technology and engineering and they will also go on excursions and trips around Toronto.

My son says this is like Summer School - and maybe he is right - but they don't call it summer school. They call it summer camp.

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