Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Birthdays are over for another year

Well we all got through our birthdays this month. My spouse went to see a movie. I purchased one book for myself. I have not finished reading it yet.

My sons birthday is today and he is now 10 years old. It's a major milestone to get your kids into double digits!  Height wise he is very tall for his age . He is currently 5 feet 2 inches tall - and I am 5 feet 4!!!!

He got a video game for his birthday - purchased and in use since the beginning of the month. It was his choice not to wait for his birthday.

But I also purchased a set of  Hunger Games books from the school Scholastic catalogue - something else he asked for. They haven't arrived yet so that's another birthday present when they do show up.

Edited to Add - the Hunger Games Books finally showed up in Early June

Back in April my sons grade 4 class was given a project to do. They had to make a medieval castle and include one means of attack or defence. They also had to do some research to answer some questions about their castle.

So my son and his daddy spent a week making this castle. The defence they chose to do was the drawbridge - mostly because it is the easiest. But that meant they had to draw a moat around this castle as well.

Then my son and I sat down at the computer, did the research and answered the questions.  The research included information and details on how the moat and drawbridge together defend the castle.

He took the castle to school in early May and yesterday he brought it home. Each child had to do a presentation to the class on their castle and research. My son said that he got an A- for his presentation and his castle. I am so pleased about that.

All in all - this month was a pretty good birthday month. 

Photo source - Personal photos - Copyright to Bibliohistoria

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