Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aftermath of latest ER episode

I went back to the hospital yesterday for an ultrasound on my legs and they found exactly - NOTHING.

They dont know what caused my legs to swell, nor do they know what caused the chest pains either.
But they were looking for evidence of deep vein thrombosis - so far no signs. So I was released and allowed to go home.


Marg said...

It's hard not knowing what is causing symptoms. My legs are constantly swollen. Need to do something about it soon I guess.

Hope you are feeling better now.

Susan said...

Thank you for letting us know, Biblio! I was worried about you. Will keep fingers crossed that you do not have deep vein thrombosis. Are you feeling fine otherwise?

Historia said...

I went to see my family doctor today - just to keep him apprised of what happened and to give him copies of the X-ray, CT scan abd Ultra-sound reports.

He says I have no symptoms and do not have congestive heart failure - because it was reversed after my thyroid was treated back in January last year.

He could only advise me to go back to the hospital if my legs should ever swell up again.